We were founded in 2005 with three distinct sections, Medical, Laboratory tina-companyand turn key industrial projects .

In our Medical section we cover hospitals, both private and Government, clinics and doctors offices. In our Laboratory section, we cover universities, research centers, laboratories, pharmaceutical and other industries.

In the Turn key and industrial project section we cover hotels, hostels, barracks, dormitories, hospitals, and restaurants. In short, buildings and complexes where they have laundry and kitchen facilities to serve 50 or more people.

Our sales personnel travel throughout the country and with their regular visits and systematic marketing maintain a high degree of coverage.

To assist the above three sections, we also have a planning department that works closely with architects and consulting engineers. We help in the design of central sterilization supply department, medical gases, operating theatres, ICU, CCU, clinics laundry, and kitchen units. Through this department we gain access to projects which helps us tremendously.

We enjoy a good reputation as we have maintained our presence throughout the years specially in lean times.